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“Hey, Mama, what’s a time change what does “Standard” mean?”  I still want to get up when I did yesterday, eat my three times a day at 7 a.m., noon and 6 p.m. but you’re gonna make me wait an hour longer cause the “government” tells you to?!?!?!  It makes no doggie sense to me and my peeps!!!  I don’t get it:  you “hoomans” are a strange bunch”.

At least Mama hates this time change too ’cause she loves to sleep in and we live almost as far EAST as you can (In the United States) and that stupid bright thing called “the sun” wakes her up too early!  I’m with you, Mama, on the sleeping in thing.

Here’s what else is gonna bug me:  We’ll be waiting for Daddy to pull into the driveway; barking and whining and he won’t show up for another hour.  I think crazy “hoomans” created this idea to play a trick on their doggies!  I got news for ya, “trick or treat” was last week.  Signing off, “confused and hungry Willow”, Woof out!



Getting old BITES but Mom tries to be positive so she calls it “twilight years”.  I’m really slowing down lately and don’t know how many more dog blogs I will write.  Now I’m 13 and a half in “hooman” years (that’s 95.5 in doggie years!!!).  Here’s what I hate about getting older:

  1. Can’t get on the couch – I do a chest body slam and my hind legs are still on the carpet!
  2.  Can’t jump in the van anymore
  3.  Can’t do big walks with the family (Mom, Dad, Casey & Pepper)
  4.  Can’t run to catch squirrels (Mom says I never caught one when I was young anyway)
  5.  Trip over myself on smooth pavement
  6.  My back legs often shake
  7.  Can’t hear so good, Mom has to almost yell now
  8.  Can’t see so good – mistook little Pepper for a squirrel:  Ran full-tilt across the yard    and at the last second I saw it was Pepper and slammed my leg brakes on!
  9.  Apparently my breath stinks, according my two-legged ‘hooman’ caretakers

Here’s what I like about getting older:

  1. Special treats almost every day (like organic pumpkin, home-made frozen treats Mom makes with banana, yogurt and honey!)
  2.  Awesome neck and back rubs
  3.  Lots of extra cuddles and attention
  4.  Can’t hear thunderstorms or fireworks anymore which is GREAT, ’cause they both make me shake for hours.
  5.  Get free elevator lifts onto the couch and into the car from Mom
  6.  I snore more but who cares?  I can’t hear it anyway!
  7.  Extra treats!  Oh, did I already say that?  I forgot…

Well, dog blog lovers, I gotta go take an extra nap so this is Willow the Wheaten signing off with a “Woof Out!”

Willow rests


I'm 13, give me cheese, Mama!

Willow turns 13 years, with Casey and Pepper siblings



Hello you dog-blog lovers, this is Willow the Wheaten and Mama says I am a “Spring baby” and I am now 13 years old!!!!  Both my parents died at age 12 so I’m really lucky to still be here.  I am puppy number six of six and want to also wish my brothers Scully and Brodie (North Carolina) a Happy 13th Woofday too!  I’ll send them butterfly kisses through “the Facebook thingy”. 

About “whining” – don’t know what that is but Mama says I whine when I went out, want in, want her to hurry up and pick up my “tah-tah’s” after I’ve done my business, when Casey comes home from Doggie Daycare and doesn’t get out of the car quick enough.   I whine when Daddy is in the kitchen and I can’t get to kiss him ’cause the gate is in the way!

I’m slowing down and panting a lot on walks, but I am always a good girl when it comes to dinner-time.  Mama will spoil me with special treats on the “weekend” when she has more time.  Until then, this is Willow The Wheaten signing off:   “Woof out!” 

Wheatie Winter Wonderland

Willow the Wheatie (Wheaten) here.  Less words, more pictures, please, Mama! Christmas was green here so I’m happy we finally got snow…woof, out!


Well, it happened…..in only a split-second, after grooming me for over 12 years, Mama hacked off my FALL! (For non-Wheaten people, that’s the long hair between the inside of our eyes on a classic Soft-Coated Wheaten show cut). She can’t stop apologizing for using the clippers instead of the scissors. “Boo hoo”, says Mom. However, I, Willow the Wonderful Wheaten, just LOVE being able to see those nasty squirrels and black birds so I can chase them away from the feeder.

Thanks, Mom!

Thanks, Mom!


BEFORE “fall-out”

Willow fall out

Half of my “fall” is missing!

Willow fall out aerial

Aerial shot of mom’s mistake

Willow eye closeup

Check out my beautiful eye now 😉

Mom is always trying to hide her mistake by giving me the “Donald Trump Comb-Over”, whatever that means. Until it grows back (and I don’t think I have that much time), you’ll have to enjoy seeing more of my beautiful, almond-shaped eyes (Mom’s words) and I can see more of my world! This is Willow the Wheaten….”Woof out!”

a little Pepper!!!

What'd I do now?

What’d I do now?

Doggie Fashion Show

Happy Doggie Bloggie New year everybody! I’m Pepper (the mutt) and would like to show you my doggie fashions. I’ll be testing out doggie clothing over the year, ’cause it’s hard to fit my long, svelt body as I’m not a purebred. I hope this helps other little doggies when searching for the right clothes to cover their little butts.

Pepper the angry bumble bee

an angry little bumble bee!


snuggle bunny..look how cute I can be


Jammies for squirrel watching

Ma this sweater is too short

Hey, Ma, this sweater doesn’t cover my bum!


Coffee table dog


Santa long johns


Nothing makes a “Wheatie” happier that the first snow of the year!  Yipeeeeeeee!  I may be old, but I can still play.

I'm in the park and ready for snow fun!

I’m in the park and ready for snow fun!

Willow runs1

Yipeeee…first snow!

Willow blonde blur2

I’m a blonde blur!

Willow chases Pepper4

Chasing little sister, Pepper

Willow almost catches Pepper5

Almost got her…

Willow to Pepper my snow6

This is MY snow, little one!


Charlie Brown tree in the park (donated by my friend, Elaine)

“Blankey” Weather

Shhhhhhh…don’t tell Willow but I’m sneaking in a little blog..I am Pepper, tiny but mighty.  I HATE the cold so I need to wear clothes, snuggle in a blanket or both.  I wish Mom would sit down so I could curl up on her lap!

Me and my "blankey"

Walkin’ with my blankey

Don't you try to take away my blankey!

Don’t you try to take away my blankey!

Brotherly Love


Sitting on top of the world with my big brother

Cosmo looks back from the long road

Cosmo looks back from the long road


I am Willow the Wheaten, if you’ve never heard of me. I am 11 years old and was SO excited that my big brother, Cosmo, got to stay with us that I actually ran at him in our kitchen three times! He was kinda scared for some reason and just kept trying to walk away from me. He is 12 years old and, as mom says, is from Litter #1 and I’m from Litter #2, whatever that means. All I know is he is older than me and he gets tired on big walks, even more than I do! He loves to lay on fluffy doggie pillows mostly, but I sleep behind the couch or under the table. It’s nice having Cosmo Brother here, ’cause when Mama walks tiny Pepper (the mutt) and huge Casey the Standard Poodle together, she leaves me alone. “I only have two hands”, she says to me. This past week, she walked me and Cosmo together, so we sure didn’t go for very long walks! Cosmo is back with Auntie Jackie now and I miss hanging with him. Have you hugged your brother today? Sending love and butterfly kisses, Bro! Woof, out!!


Which way do we go?

Which way do we go?

"You can't find me, Auntie"

“You’re not gonna brush me, Auntie”

Cosmo waiting for his Mommy

Cosmo looking for his Mommy to return

the table is my new fort

the table is my new fort

Cosmo extreme closeup

The nose knows!